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Screen partition application scheme

The screen partition application created by the excellent transparency of the resin panel makes the space glow with a clear tidy visual beauty, making the resin panel the perfect choice for partitioning the space.

When the space is divided into multiple working spaces conference rooms, which does block the light can become a beautiful decoration, the resin panel partition application has also become the best choice for many consumers.

Background wall application scheme

Combining the beauty of real plants, cloth, woven fabrics various fibers with the durability of resin boards, it has a wall protection function, which is both beautiful practical.

The wall protection board is translucent, its back can be painted to conform to the color of the wall, a shade of a certain color can be added to enhance the beauty of the interior decoration of the board.

Ceiling ceiling application

Various shapes such as wavy curved boards can be customized as the ceiling. The lightness versatility of the resin board can bring different atmosphere new beauty to the space.

The wavy resin plates can be suspended in any direction, they can also be closed end to end to form a continuous wavy rolling landscape.

  • Countertop application program

    The resin board has the properties of compression resistance, drop resistance beautiful appearance, which makes it more widely used.

    Combine lights, patterns, colors, etc. to bring different visual effects to the front desk.

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