Resin panel’s advantage?

2020-07-28 11:04:13

1. Tenacity

Resin panel are usually 15-20 times more tough than general acrylic panel, 40 times than glass. For impact resistance is 5-10 times stronger than general acrylic. Therefore, resin panel have enough bearing capacity of processing transportation, helps prevent breakage.


2. Superior thermal forming performance

Resin panel is easy to produce complex modelling large custom products. Basic on the high impact resistance, resin panel is no need for pre-drying before hot forming. Compared with PC board acrylic, resin panel has short molding cycle, low temperature higher yield benefit.


3. Easy processing

While sawing, cutting, drilling, punching, shearing, riveting, edge milling, cold bending other processing, it will easily get broken. Slight scratches can be removed with a hot air gun. Comparing with general acrylic PC board, resin panel is more adaptable to various innovative designs of designers, can be flocking, electroplating, electrostatic other processing.


4. Weather resistance

Resin panel provides a good weather ability. It can prevent yellowing ( after ten years testing result ). It contains UV absorbent, producing one protective layer, which can protect the panel harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Whats more, prevents a lot of UV damage to human body.


5. Chemical resistance

The resin panel can tolerate multiple chemicals commonly used cleaners for a long time.


6. Environmental protection

Resin panel is environmentally friendly meet the requirements of environmental LEED certification food contact FDA certification. 




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