Whats different about the light transmission plate

2020-03-08 11:55:23

Transparent plates, transparent materials, luminescent materials, various optical effects; Reasonable mechanical structure, stronger bending strength than other transparent materials. It has certain sound insulation heat insulation characteristics. Translucent plate is translucent stone, these are two different decorative materials

The light-transmitting plate was originally used to reinforce other materials, such as marble all kinds of natural stone. Due to its good ductility, plasticity fashion, it has gradually developed into a special composite board material with a translucent structure.


First of all, the surface of the light-transmitting plate is glass stone, but PMMA (acrylic), PC (polycarbonate) other durable, light-transmitting materials. Second, the light-transmitting plate is simply an aluminum honeycomb core. The core material is PP hole-shaped core material special structure core material. On the whole, the light-transmitting plate is lighter has a variety of optical effects. The mechanical structure is reasonable the bending resistance is stronger than other light-transmitting materials. It has certain sound insulation properties At the same time, the use of different surface materials can significantly increase the ability to resist UV natural erosion; this material is domestically produced, it is a new generation of high-end decorative materials. Production of light-transmitting plates sa (please refer to the technical manual contact us for technical consultation). Almost all panels can be edged.

Applications of light-transmissive panels such as display cabinets, high-end light boxes, dream partitions, special-effect doors, countertops, ultra-porous floors, stage background walls, ceilings more architectural decoration products can be manufactured using this material.

Similar light-transmitting materials on the domestic market include, but are limited to, tempered glass light-transmitting plates, light-transmitting stone light-transmitting plates, acrylic clip fiber light-transmitting plates, the like.




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