What are the characteristics of resin plate

2020-03-03 11:45:46

Resin board features:

1. Flexible design wide use: with rich colors patterns. It is synonymous with luxury, elegance, fashion freshness. Suitable for shopping malls, villas, squares, restaurants, KTV, clubs other occasions. Particularly suitable for partitions, background walls, ceilings, ceilings, bars, coffee tables, tables, doors, screens, lights, wall panels, doors, reception desks, cabinets, POS displays, bars, ceiling ceilings, 3D walls, partitions, exterior Wall, floor, carving art, lighting applications.


2. Safety: fire-resistant grade B1, no odor, non-toxic combustion gas products, no dripping, healthy radiation-free, dirt-resistant, easy to clean, acid alkali resistant, antibacterial mildew resistant, penetration resistant, wear resistant, impact resistant , Can withstand a variety of chemicals commonly used cleaning agents (3 chemical resistance, stable performance, high transparency (92%) gloss, heat distortion temperature is 85 ℃; impact strength is 40 times that of ordinary glass acrylic 10 times. High surface hardness, scratch resistance, scratch resistance, surface repair treatment; its material is lightweight, its weight is 1/2 of that of glass, it is safe convenient to install, it makes the design more flexible.

3. Environmental protection: Imported food-grade raw materials are used. The raw materials have passed FDA certification, obtained LEED certification, domestic fire test certification, international fire test certification other certificates.

4, strong weather resistance: has excellent weather resistance to prevent yellowing. Contains a UV absorber protective layer to protect the board the harmful effects of UV rays.

5. Convenient construction: The thickness of the plate is uniform, it can be sawed, punched, drilled, punched, sheared. The toughness of its amorphous copolymer is 15-20 times higher than that of ordinary acrylate, it has sufficient carrying capacity for transportation. Helps prevent cracking, its sturdy surface meets a variety of horizontal vertical applications.

6. Unique technology: vacuum machine composite molding, with excellent processing performance, can be bent according to customer requirements, seamless bonding, can be any shape (cold hot) without whiteness cracks.




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