How to identify the environmental protection of home improvement building materials?

2020-01-14 14:40:50


Resin plates, adhesives paints are used extensively in modern decoration. These are the main sources of pollution of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, tvoc, toluene, xylene other toxic gases. Because the major source of toxic gas is the adhesive, most building materials have an adhesive component, such as the various particleboards, medium density fiberboards, plywood on the market that use formaldehyde as the main component of urea-formaldehyde resin as the adhesive. For many people who are preparing to renovate, environmentally friendly building materials are a must for green home improvement. Since the pollution of the home decoration is so serious, how to prevent it? It is important to use eye nose to identify environmentally friendly wood:

To determine whether the home improvement wooden building materials furniture are environmentally friendly, you must first pass the nose. Take a wooden board smell it on the side groove (if the furniture smells the surface of the furniture the inside of the cabinet door), if it is pungent, it means that the amount of formaldehyde is released. High is definitely an option. It is enough to pass the olfactory level, further identification depends on vision.



Method 1: Look at the certification: If any wood is declared to be environmentally friendly, it must have the 10-ring certification mark of the green building materials of the State Environmental Protection Administration. The wooden furniture needs to be certified by China Quality Certification Center cqc furniture products.

Method 2: Look at the report: Flooring furniture require the merchant to provide a test report an authoritative institution at above the provincial level. It is worth noting that the quality inspection department of the place of sale must issue the inspection report. In addition, the furniture must provide a product description, which is only recently mandatory.

     Excellent product processing characteristics also make it possible for various geometric applications of architecture interior design. Cold bending does whiten does crack. Various types of hyperbola single surface are hot-bent, with unlimited shapes infinite geometrical elements.




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