Introduction to the manufacturing process steps of resin board

2020-01-14 14:35:38


Large open space without concrete wall. Although the entire living room is painted with old wood used windows, there are signs of distress, the whole feels darker, but the glass windows are large porous resin board walls are used. Let the sun shine unbridled. Open, sunny, warm natural, a cup of warm afternoon tea makes life so cozy, time flies, years are quiet. The resin panel partition makes the new space have another larger space. The room has no visual obstacles. The entire space is naturally brightened. In the hustle bustle city, people feel so close to nature start the theme of nature.

       The process of making resin plates can be roughly divided into ten steps:



Production process 1: Stir the raw materials.

       Production process 2: thinning the resin material

       Production process 3: Apply the prepared resin on the raw materials.

       Production process 4: Turn on the vibration machine.

       Production process 5: put the ball.

       Production process 6: Dilute the resin.

       Production process 7: Scraping.

       Production process 8: curing.

       Production process 9, trimming. ? Production process ten: into inventory.

       The production process of resin plate is roughly the same as above. I believe that everyone has a specific understanding of the production of resin plate through the above production process. This board of resin board actually has a very high technical content, so it has many "functions" that traditional board does have. Due to the innovative production concept, its ornamental characteristics are also very unique.




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