Why do you like to use a translucent panel ceiling?

2020-01-14 14:03:14


The ceiling decoration of the house is an important part. Many owners will worry about the choice of materials styles for the ceiling. Today, Xiaobian took a look at the ceiling of the light transmission plate. This is a lot of owners buy, why do you like to use the light transmission plate? What is the effect of translucent panel ceiling?

       Because the translucent panel ceiling has the natural texture solid texture of marble / jade, ceramic-like luster, easy processing of wood, the design is flexible, various shapes (curvature) can be made according to individual requirements, the color matching can be free Choice; non-toxic, radioactive pollution-free, scientifically tested, belongs to environmentally friendly green building materials. The anti-fouling, water-resistant, anti-wear properties of the light-transmitting board make it suitable for use in places that value practicality in harsh environments that are prone to dirt, moisture, wear (such as kitchens, toilets, etc.).



What is the effect of translucent panel ceiling? It has the characteristics of crystal transparency, coupled with gorgeous pleasing colors, subtly transforms the monotonous boring plane into a visual art. Various patterns have different light transmission textures such as clean, clear, beautiful elegant.

       Principle of setting the light source of the translucent panel ceiling:

       1. In order to make the overall brightness of the light-transmitting plate uniform, it is recommended that the light source be separated the back of the application stone by a distance of 180 ~ 200mm, which has a good overall effect.

       2. If the light-transmitting plate must be matched with a light source, a cold light source must be selected. Do use a hot light source to avoid thermal deformation.

       3. The four sides of the frame are usually fixed with wooden angles, the light is illuminated in the middle. If the application of stone products requires large-area use, corner materials are needed for support reinforcement, the support materials can be replaced with transparent acrylic bars to avoid corner shadows when lighting.




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