【Corporate Mission】

UVST products make global buildings more environment-friendly  visually attractive. 

This is the significance  motive for UVST to exist as a resin board manufacturer, as well as the liability  obligation that UVST should shoulder. Linking together the corporate mission, global building development, environment protection  visual attraction shows UVST’s value orientation of achieving self-development while promoting the development of global buildings  reflects the lofty ideal of UVST.

【Corporate Vision】

UVST will keep growing to a century-old enterprise. 

During the 25 years of development, UVST has always gone with the tide of times, kept exploring, actively made changes, seized opportunities  sought constant transformation, all of which make UVST full of vigor  help it build up a good reputation. In the new period, UVST acts in response to the call of times, sets its aim high,  takes “the constant growth to a century-old enterprise” as its ideal blueprint. 

【Corporate Values】

Customer first, employees second, enterprise third

This is our choice  our order of priority. Only by continuously creating value for customers, employees can grow,  the enterprise can gain a long-term benefit. 

Trust makes things simple. 

l  The world becomes complicated if you keep complicated. The world becomes simple if you keep simple.

l   In a family, things become simple  efficient because there is only trust  no suspicion.

Change is the only thing that will never change.

No matter you change  , the world, the customers  the competition environment keep changing constantly. We should show awe  humbleness,  avoid “being blind, despising others, staying confused,  falling behind”. Change yourself  create changes. 

Embracing change is our unique DNA.

Roll up our sleeves  go full speed ahead with our work. 

In the 25 years of ups  downs, it is this spirit that encourages us to pull through  manage to survive. When in adversity, we stay self-motivated. When in prosperity, we dare to set a goal.  Action Description:  Keep earnest  steadfast to fulfill the duties.

Keep curious, keep learning,  practice what is learned. Never find excuses for failure but keep exploring ways for success. Try every effort to get a good result. Desire for something better, refuse to be self-limiting,  break the boundary of “impossibility”.

Who but myself can do it?

This is a true demonstration of being trustful  responsible. Only being so confident can we do a good job. 

Live a fulfilling life,  enjoy happy work

Work only lasts for a period, but life lasts for lifetime. Work belongs to you, while you belong to life  your family. 



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