"UVST" is composed of "U" for Uniqueness; "V" for Variety; "S" for Safety; "T" for Transparency, Uniwest has always been standing on the market with integrated resin decorative plates of uniqueness, diversity, safety  transparency.

Safety  fragile, shock-resistant, impact resistance is 42 times that of glass, weight is only 1/2 of glass, can be drilled, cut, ground, cracked, trimmed neatly, low-carbon environmental protection  no harmful emissions, can directly contact food , LEED certified materials. Anti-aging, pollution resistance, long-term indoor use

Uniqueness Breaking through the two-dimensional limitation, no rebound  no deformation, no turning white, can withstand the time,  the style of the trend

DiversityFree creative colors, textures, patterns, clips can be any combination of special customization

Transparency    design plan communication, product customization to deepening installation, Uniwest provides you with one-stop high-quality services  provides comprehensive  multi-channel support for your ideas  ideas. To achieve price, transparency of service

UWEST UVST boldly innovates  respects individuality. It is popular all over the world with its exquisite gorgeous luxury architectural decoration,  it has given birth to modern architectural decoration materials to a classic architectural construction model. Univest is a symbolic product of art  nobility. Its low-key  restrained luxury features revitalized the European-style life  endowed the literature  wisdom of the elite society. It  only honored the noble life, but also promoted the new era. art. 


——Brand Concept——

Univest Decorative Materials: Improving Customized Urban Art Life in the World

◆Perform unique fashion◆

Interpreting unique fashion. As a leading company in the decoration of Chinese brands, each plate of Uniwest has a strong sense of contemporary art, which can quickly be distinguished  other similar products.

◆Interpreting quality life◆

Univest has always been "promoting the artistic life of Chinese cities" as the source of its vigorous development.  perfect quality to superb craftsmanship to perfect service ... giving customers unprecedented visual sense  impact decoration

◆Strive for high quality◆

the beginning of its establishment, Uwes insisted on selecting imported raw materials regardless of cost, strictly controlling the production process, rigorously testing the quality of the finished products,  ensuring that every product delivered to customers was carefully crafted  flawless.



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