In 1994, UVST was established, providing artificial lampshades for lighting companies in Taiwan.

In 1996, UVST made OEM for finished sunshine stones  Hong Kong  Taiwan.

In 1997, “Yixuan” sunshine-stone lamps, a private brand of UVST, entered the markets of Taiwan, South Korea  Southeast Asia.

In 1998, at the request of Hong Kong designers, UVST became the first to develop the sunshine-stone decorative boards in China.

In 2000, “Yixuan” sunshine-stone decorative boards were used by Hong Kong designers in the decoration of Jiahua Hotel located at Houjie, Dongguan,  afterwards found more applications in domestic decoration projects.

In 2003, as the sunshine-stone decorative boards drew wide attention  decorative materials dealers  interior designers at home, UVST sunshine-stone products had gained momentum  entered a period of rapid development.

In 2004, UVST overcame the intolerance of sunshine stone. Due to this breakthrough, UVST products began to find use in Hangzhou Zhonghe Overpass lighting project,  then were gradually used in a good many city lighting projects, exterior wall decoration projects  artistic landscape projects.

In 2004, UVST launched the colored pearlescent sunshine-stone board.

In 2005, UVST launched the crystal artistic board.

In 2005, UVST successfully launched the shadow-sculpture series of sunshine-stone boards  light fixtures, which were reputed by foreign designers as amazing oriental art.

In 2006, the cutting-edge series of creative board was launched at home. Meanwhile, the authentic series  the sunshine-stone boards for suspended ceiling found a good sale abroad.

In 2007, the new VI system was imported in UVST’s sunshine-stone series, which further enhanced the brand.

In 2008, to meet the need for environment-protection  novelty, UVST launched UVST series of products which were sold to Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, etc.

In 2009, UVST product series passed the U.S. ASTME84  SGS flammability test  became recognized by domestic customers. UVST products were widely used in starred hotels such as Shangri-La Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel  so on.

In 2010, UVST developed the “Crystal” series, which pushed UVST to a new height.

In 2011, UVST established “UVST Designers’ Club”. As a public platform for creative decoration, the Club offered space for designers to exchange ideas  views about decoration & design, low-carbon materials, creative furniture  light fixture  so on,  could also provide UBST material use solutions for customers.

In 2012, as required by designers, UVST launched the “Cangzhen Stone” series, which took place of natural marbles to be used in the decoration of hotel walls.

In 2013, UVST developed “VERI” series. Offering a strong three-dimensional effect, this series was more attractive to designers than the two-dimensional products,  began to find application in table top, panel, cabinet door, wall decoration  so on.

In 2014, “VERI” series became widely used in various projects  were used in large numbers in the backdrop walls of five-star hotels such as Sheraton Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Holiday Inn, Hyatt Hotels  so on.

In 2015, UVST set about transforming its production mode,  laid emphasis on light-transmitting baord  resin board  began to make some achievements.

In 2016, UVST completed the projects such as Atlantis Resort (the third one in the world), Shanghai Greenland Hong Kong, Huangpu Binjiang Wuxing Bridge, Mansion Valuing One Hundred Million Yuan  so on.

In 2017, UVST undertook the project of CITIC Tower, Beijing’s tallest building,  established version 3.0 cooperation with “XANA Hotel” affiliated to Plateno Hotel Group.

In 2018, UVST established strategic cooperation with several listed decoration companies,  aimed to achieve a sale of one hundred million yuan in the next three years.



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