Ecological resin board

UVST products are featured by good translucency, fire resistance, sound insulation, crushing resistance, light weight, hardness shapeability. 

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A display of unique profession, an interpretation of quality life and a pursuit of superior quality.

Zhongshan UVST Decorative Materials Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is located in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the beautiful prosperous Chrysanthemum Town. UVST is mainly specialized in the operation sales of various high-end resin decorative boards, including ecological resin boards, resin veneers, artistic acrylic boards so on. UVST has been always dependent on independent innovation to develop new products, has passed a number of qualification certifications, as well as the flammability test by SGS China. UVST has always focused on quality, service, environmental protection innovation, laid emphasis on talent cultivation management team building. After 25 years of development, UVST has accumulated abundant manufacturing experience built up its technical strength. Boasting an excellent geographical location, UVST, based on a thinking of independent innovation, has continuously developed new products manufactured high-end resin decorative materials. Being greatly trusted by customers at home abroad, UVST products have got its fair share in the domestic market have been sold to a great many countries regions. Now, both the yield sales have risen year by year. UVST will keep up with the times keep forging ahead, in order to open up a new era for the decoration industry! 

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UVST is mainly specialized in the manufacturing

Sales of various resin decorative boards such as ecological resin boards, resin veneers, artistic acrylic boards so on. It has accumulated 25 years of experience in resin board manufacturing.  UVST has kept developing new products with a thinking of independent innovation. Due to a great diversity, customizability, security transparency, UVST products have found a good sale both at home abroad. 

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Resin board
  • Light transmission
  • Arbitrary shape
  • B1 Fire rating
  • Highly shapeable: Breaking through the two-dimensional restrictions, the resin board does bounce deform. The bend does turn white. 

    Light-weight: Its weight is only one half of that of glass. 

    Construction-friendly: The board can be drilled, cut polished at your option, will crack. The cut edge is neat. 

    Low-carbon environment-friendly: passed the LEED certification, the board releases no hazardous substances, can contact food directly. 

    Highly customizable: Color, texture, pattern sandwiching materials can be customized to form any combination you want. 

    Anti-aging: Being resistant to aging pollution, it can be used indoor for a long time. 


    Restless Pursuit of Quality Innovation

    UVST has always taken “improving the artistic life of Chinese cities” as the source of power to fuel its prosperous development. With perfect quality, exquisite craft considerable services, UVST will bring unprecedented visual impact sensory impact to customers.  

    Resin board

    We have devoted ourselves to supplying decorative materials to five-star hotels high-end residences, have gathered more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing, research development of environment-friendly resin decorative boards. We have resolved to provide superior products services for interior designers, interior decoration companies, hotel investors, real estate companies furniture companies. 

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    UVST cooperation

    UVST resin boards have found wide applications in a good variety of decoration projects. It has established partnership with a number of five-star hotels real estate companies, such as Sheraton Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Vanke Real Estate, Evergrande Real Estate Group, Shanghai Construction Group, CR Land so on. 

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